About Us

The Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers page was set up in order to assist bloggers in the Greater Vancouver Region to connect and network with each other.

If you are a beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger in the Greater Vancouver Region, we welcome you to come join us by following this page for the latest updates about events around the Vancouver area and by taking part in our formal meet-up events that happen at least once every year.

Some statistics

Our first official meet-up event which took place August 2010 had a total of 7 attendees. Our second meet-up event which took place September 2011 had a total of 14 attendees, including 11 bloggers, 1 reader and 2 brand representatives.

We hope to expand our network and double the number of attendees for our next meet-up event, which should take place in the summer or early fall of 2012.


This page is managed by Sheila, editor at Maddy Loves, with contents provided by the bloggers in Vancouver.


If you have any questions about being a part of this group, or if you would like to sponsor our meet-ups in any way, such as attending the meet-up and connecting with the bloggers in person, sponsoring product samples to include in our gift bags, or providing us a venue or food to hold the event, please contact Sheila here.

Thank you!

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Hannah and I'm a beauty blogger from vancouver ^^
    I'm glad to join your community :)