To PR/Company Representatives

The Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers Network is a network of nearly 40 bloggers in the Vancouver area. The purpose of this page is to bring together bloggers in the area, and to strengthen the ties and relationships between each blogger in order to better serve our readers and the community-at-large.

We do this through:

  1. Planning networking events for bloggers and industry representatives to liaise and be more familiar with each other;
  2. Providing a convenient gateway for companies and industry representatives to find relevant blogs and bloggers within the Vancouver community; and
  3. Posting information about relevant events that are happening within the community so the bloggers are aware of what is happening in the community.
We are always looking to create new relationships with PR, company or industry representatives. You can be an industry partner of the networking by:
  1. Sending us information about your latest happenings;
  2. Inviting our bloggers to your events;
  3. Providing discount codes to readers, sponsoring giveaways, or product sponsorships to our bloggers for review purposes; and
  4. Sponsoring our networking events through providing us with products to include in our gift bags, a location to hold the event, or catering.
As an industry partner, your benefits include:
  • Getting your brand/company name out to the local bloggers, as well as the name and logo promoted on the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers Network page (
  • Connecting with local bloggers in order to better work with each other in the future
  • Your organization name/logo promoted when you attend an event, or when products or your venue are reviewed on each bloggers' respective blogs
Some statistics

Our first official meet-up event which took place August 2010 had a total of 7 attendees. Our second meet-up event which took place September 2011 had a total of 14 attendees, including 11 bloggers, 1 reader and 2 brand representatives.

We hope to expand our network and double the number of attendees for our next meet-up event, which should take place in the summer or early fall of 2012.


This page is managed by Sheila, editor at Maddy Loves, with contents provided by the bloggers in Vancouver.


If you have any questions about being a part of this group, or if you would like to connect with the group in any way, please contact Sheila at here.

Thank you!

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